Everyone once in a while I get these glimpses of overwhelming gratitude that can only be God.   Two such times as of late have reminded me of the many blessings that can come about if we open ourselves up to the possibilities that community can bring.

One, the MBCC pastoral staff team at MBCC are just good folks.  We had dinner a few nights AGO and it was just JOYFUL!  Thanks to you all for your presence, ministry and impact on MBCC and me!

And two, this year folks at MBCC have been writing daily Advent devotionals.  Simply awesome.  You can see them over at the MBCC Blog.  If you have not engaged in an Advent discipline, please feel free to join us.  You just need to send an eMail HERE and you’ll be signed up!

Here is just a taste from Megan Dunchak on DAY 12

To me, hope is staying focused on what is ahead, even when it feels
like what you’re hoping for isn’t there, even when you can’t imagine
what’s going to come next. This advent season, I’m trying to focus on
keeping up hope for the plans God has for my life — even though I
don’t know exactly what they are, even though they have not yet come to
fruition, and even though I can’t picture what they’re going to be like
when they do.

Simple grateful I am.

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