Last night I was walking across the street when this car came creeping up to the crosswalk and rolled into it until the driver saw that I was in front of his car.  I had thought I had eye-contact but apparently not.  I kind of jumped back and gave a "um, I am right here" look at the driver.  The driver then rolled down the passenger side window and much to the obvious embarrassment of his adult children yelled at me, "I can’t see with the lights from the oncoming traffic, you A-hole!"

  1. Nice language. I half expected to see his grandchild’s car seat in the back.  Now there is some behavior you want to pass down from generation to generation.
  2. Dude why are you yelling at ME?  It’s MY fault you can’t see at night?

I am sure there is some frustration and misdirected anger, but come on people!  One can’t drive on one-way streets forever.  Ahhhh, life in the city.

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