Last year there was an ongoing conversations about the appropriateness of Santa during the Christmas season.  I wrote a blog post, Santa, Elmo and Jesus in response to some of the conversations started by one of the MBCC bloggers regarding her post, Saint Nicholas and the Mall Santa.

One of the things I have wanted to start doing is podcasting again.  So I figured, what the heck, why not add an audio track to an old post and see how it goes.

This was recorded at the great independent cafe, Farley’s Cafe, in the Potrero Hill District of San Francisco. 

I am still getting figuring out how to use my new mic, Zoom H2 Handy 2 Track Recorder, so apologies for some of the audio weirdness.  Couldn’t get all of the popping out, but I will get better.

As always you can listen to it here by clinking on the button at the top or visit www.pod.reyes-chow for instructions on subscribing and other such podcast nonsense.

There may or may not be a Christmas letter, post or anything this year from the RCP family, so just in case we don’t see you soon, Merry Christmas and all that!

[Photo: Churchhopping]
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