Last night was the launching of MBCC’s new youth group.  We have a five 5th-6th graders and figured it was time.   As I dropped my eldest child off, I told her that I was more excited than her and maybe I should go too.  With the rolling of her eyes and poke on the shoulder she squealed, "Daaaaaaaad, noooooooo, you can’t come to youth group!"  And then she smiled.  She was excited.

It seems that it was not long ago that I was on the other end of this tradition.  Parents dropping the kids off at youth group, trusting that these folks could do justice to God’s spiritual claim on their lives.  What an amazing privilege and honor it is to help raise generation after generation in the faith.  Such a great time of movement for our family, MBCC and E.

And then there was the beginning of Advent.  I am not preaching until the 23rd with other folks from MBCC helping the community get into the Word.  Yesterday was our Worship Arts Coordinator, Tiffany Flaming, next week Intern, Nick Larson is on and then on the 16th, Parish Associate, Leslie Veen.  We do a pretty good job at modeling a diversity of voices here at MBCC and I am only in the "pulpit" about 30-34 times a year.  I must admit though that I love and yearn for opportunities to help guide the a group of folks in the engagement of the Word.  I don’t think I am the only one that can/should be there, but I do love it.  Advent this year at MBCC has brought about a new level of activity as well: weekly Advent art group, Advent meditation group and this great banner and wreath (below) created by our other intern Abigail King Kaiser.  What a privilege it is to be in ministry with these folks!

And last but not least, if you are looking for yet more things to join in on, Rohit Bhargava, social networking expert and new dad, has started a pretty cool Facebook Group, Bloggers Who Like to get Beta Testing Invites, where you can get in on some of the newer beta sites.  I have received a couple of invites and am intrigued by especially with the whole moderator possibility looming in the future.  If you want a dopplr invite invite just leave a comment with your eMail and I’ll send one your way.

And now for the Advent photos:



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