One of the really fun/surreal/humbling aspects of this entire adventure thus far is hearing words of support from friends.  In a short time, folks have offered both words of support as well as words of challenge.  Lest anyone doubt my sincere hope and believe that we can indeed move beyond some of the polemics of past generations, here is an excerpt from a blog post from someone with whom I serve in the larger context of ministry.

Bruce Reyes-Chow is the model of a generous orthodoxy. Though I myself
am not part of the PC(USA), and though I come from a different
denominational background (Pentecostal), I have found Bruce to be the
kind of person that the body of Christ needs to lead in our day and
age. By this I mean we need people who can cross lines and engage in
sincere conversation with others. If anyone can help Christians think
about the challenges that face the church today, Bruce is that person.
I believe the PC(USA) would do all Christians a favor by electing him
as moderator.

see complete endorsement

All this from an Assemblies of God pastor and friend.  Go figure.  Everyone may have ways that they measure whether or not gifts we being used well, but I am fed by feedback that says, "We may disagree, but . . ."  I love knowing and experiencing the reality of the unity that Christ does indeed give us.  Now if we couls all better live into that gift!

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