Last night we had a great meeting about some new developments at MBCC, adapting to our growth.   We have been trying to figure out how to better centralize church information so we can REALLY begin to share leadership, encourage more involvement from people who are taking charge AND be able to keep up with such a rapidly and constantly changing community.  This shift has to be made as we move from everything running through me, the pastor, to sharing the wider community connections.  We have no administrator, so up until this point, as the main contact, I AM the church database system.

In English . . . We need to have an effective church database tool so Bruce doesn’t have to be the holder of the info and gate keeper of connections.  I can’t tell you how many times people have had to eMail me to get someone’s eMail.  Yeah, THAT’S a good use of time 😉

And then along comes Toby and Stafftool, a newly launched online church database program.  We will be one of the first churches to really put it to the test as a central component of our congregational life, so this is pretty exciting.

Did I mention that I was excited?  Well I am.  I can feel the information shackles slipping off.  Shackles may be a little strong, but you get the idea.   This has the potential to help unleash our community’s potential for relationship building!  It is REALLY user friendly, looks great and because we are an early adopter, we get to help shape and form it’s real world application.  Plus it addresses all the issues that we had been thinking about when we first started to try and create such a thing using Drupal.

  • Security and Privacy;
  • Multiple Administrative Levels
  • Online Usability;
  • Events and Calendars;
  • Event integration into current websites;
  • Tagging and Smart Groups;
  • Family Relationships;
  • Slick user interface;
  • iPhone integration – not that I have one ;-(
  • and much, much, much more . . .

I particularly like that fact that StaffTool is not trying to be another Social Network, nor is it meant to replace eMail.  It is what it claims to be, a really effective online church database.  Plus Toby is extremely responsive to our suggestions and comments and has some great ideas for future upgrades and features.

I believe that you can just go on over to to join, but if you would like an invitation, please let me know.  I have absolutely no problem recommending Toby and Stafftool.  To find out more and/or stay in the loop, you can watch a video HERE check out the Stafftool Blog and/or become a Facebook Fan.

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