I received this question a few weeks back via facebook.  Thought others would appreciate a response.

what are your ideas about young adult and college ministries? I’m a
middle year seminary student looking at being a chaplain or a campus
minister and I think the church has ignored young adults and college
students for too long. the first thing to go lately are the young adult
and volunteer programs for missions. what are you going to do about
that? you might have said on your site, but its exam week and i have to
read other stuff unfortunately… 🙁

And my response

Thanks for the note and friend request.   So . . . a few responses:
First, if any moderatorial candidate thinks they can, by themselves, DO anything about anything, they are fooling themselves. 
. . . what I hope to do is to create space, beyond traditional
polarities, that will allow for honest and genuine conversations that
MAY lead to some kind of denominational transformation.
this means is that I want to create creative opportunities for
gatherings (barcamps, open source, etc.) where folks like yourselves
can lift up the issues that are important and are given voice.
and what you probably REALLY want to know is where am I on the whole
Y/A and Campus Ministry thang. My wife is the current board President
of The Edge Campus Ministry at SF State, my main internship in
seminary was as the Interim Director of UNITAS Campus Ministry at UC
Berkeley AND of the 90 or so that come to the church I serve, all but
about 4 are under 40 and mostly under 32.
So . . . young adult
ministry is important in all forms. Still, current Campus Ministries
are not my expertise, so my hope is that if I can help create some
legitimate space for voices to be raised, folks like yourself will step
in and up to help move things.
Hope that is helpful and I hope finals go well!

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