What the heck is the Web 2.0 thing anyway?!?!?  Some of the advice that I have been given about my journey towards the moderator election is not to be too "techie."  Yes, I understand the caution, we want to be sure that in an attempt to move us forward in regards to the use of technology in the church, we do not want to alienate those for whom building and being community online is NOT the norm.  Totally understandable.  But still, it does beg the question for my candidacy?  What will a web 2.0 moderator race and/or term look like?

The GA Junkie – a painfully fair account of all things GA – poses this well when he referenced my endorsement.

This will be an interesting Moderator campaign to watch since, in my memory, this appears to be the first
Web 2.0 Moderator campaign.  If you need an introduction to Web 2.0,
you can look at the November 12, 2007, issue of the Presbyterian Outlook
(free registration required) but it is the new technologies of
interactive blogs and dynamic web sites.  If you want to see what Bruce
is doing with it you can check out his new Moderator campaign web site/blog
launched within minutes of the presbytery’s formal endosement.  And you
can still find out about the non-moderator side of Bruce at his regular blog . . . . Whether Bruce and other candidates who have a Web 2.0 presence win or
lose the Moderator vote, I think they will have an impact through their
connection to a younger generation in the PC(USA).

I do have some ideas about what this will mean and some of the opportunities and struggles that are before us, but I think I’ll just let it play out for now.  As we move down the next few months it is my hope and expectation that we’ll begin to feel the tensions as well as the breakthroughs that our 2.0 relationships my provide.

And I suppose if we are open to the movement of the Spirit, we will find ways to move through these tensions, and along the way learn how to be church in a new day and in a new way.

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