Last year I made a pretty good case for, Why Jesus Would Play Baseball, so I don’t feel like I have to rehash that, so for the 2008 season let me make a few judgmental and inflammatory statements.

  • Like a good cult-follower, I trust Billy Beane to the ends of the Earth or at least to the end of October.  Our chant goes something like this with Kool and Gang’s "Celebration" playing in the background.
      Rebuilding is good for the soul. 
        Rebuilding is good for the soul. 
          Rebuilding is good for the soul. 
            Rebuilding is good for the soul. 
  • Baseball stories are so much better than all that college basketball crap.  I was giddy when I opened up Today’s SF Gate with no less than five baseball stories.  The skies opened up and everything.
  • Not sure that that other Bay Area team is playing or getting ready to play, but it sure ain’t the national pastime.
  • Jesus still does not like the Yankees and I must say that last I talked to him, the BoSox and Angels are moving up the list.
  • Fremont does not exist in my universe.
  • Small markets ROCK!
  • Fake nacho cheese IS baseball.
  • Mt. Davis sucks.
  • The A’s win the World Series in 6.
    I didn’t say what year 😉


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