Marie Averas Acoba with EvelynOn a recent trip I watched the movie The Jane Austin Book Club.  Yet another movie filled with beautiful and talented Hollywood.  Dramedy escapism at it’s finest.  I actually loved the archetypes that were represented, kind of like the church or family.  On their own, they might not get together, but bring them around one thing and maybe, just maybe . . .

It also tangentially reminded me of my own background and how I was raised.  While there were some great men in my life, I think I was pretty much raised by crazy women.  I can’t imagine it any other way.  For so/too many of the major events in my life “The Committee” was brought in to help make decisions.  Kim, Joyce, Peggy, Cherita – and others I am sure – and my mom would huddle up over a bottle or three of wine and decide my fate.   Whether it was driving, little league or girls, they were all up in my business.  Each subsequent sibling also had their “Committee” to help make decisions for their lives as well and by this time, Joel was given membership 😉  It is a tradition.

If you talk to the Reyes siblings, it all started with our Grandma Reyes (pictured above with my eldest, Evelyn).  Lady was caaaaaraaaaazzzzzyyyyyy with a capital CUCKOO!  But in a good way.  I have learned much from all my grandparents, but Gma Reyes taught us . . .

  • Be passionate
  • Wear what you want
  • If you are going to be in the game, be all the way in the game
  • Take care of your friends
  • Eat good food
  • Be there when you are needed
  • Pretend to be crazy
  • Laugh

If Gma were here today, she would point out when I was being a jerk and would make sure I don’t turn into total schmuck.

I think I have continued to surround myself with this archetype

Crazy women that is.

I am not naming names, I am not an idiot.

You know who you are.

Thank you!

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