Okay so this is kind of cheating, but I have found that I am doing more of my big-picture theological musing over on the Moderator Blog.  I just posted something over there, that would I love to get a wider audience to respond to. 

Basically, I submit that there are at least four shifts that need to be recognized and embraced, not just by individuals and congregations, but the larger institutional church.  Here are the one-liners with a tad bit more flesh on the original post.

  • Towards organic movements of collaboration and away from mechanistic structures of regulation. 
  • Towards committed relationships built on values and away from mandated loyalties to camps or pre-determined agendas. 
  • Towards appreciation and interaction with the other and away from tolerance for and debate with the enemy. 
  • Towards engagement driven by hope and optimism and away from reactions based on suspicion and scarcity. 

To read more and comment, see the complete post, Four cultural shifts the PC(USA) needs to make.

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