Many of you have heard me rant a bit about the whole expectation of book writing by pastoral leadership.  Some are truly called to live out this gift, but others are just being goofy.  Most of us don’t write good ;-), are not disciplined or original and, dare I say it, are a tad bit ego driven.  Plus there is the whole money/opensource/class thing as being debated over on Presbymergent.  A little harsh, I know, but I have to constantly remind myself of these things every time I being to think I need to write a book. 

Nice promo I know, because with that said, I just got word that I am published in a book, sort of.  YEARS ago, a friend on mine, Rev. soon to be Dr. Neal Presa, had this idea for putting together a book that had short articles written by "young" pastors and then responded to by "less-young" ones.  While certainly no longer young, I was put on the young side of the project and was given two chapters, one on conflict, Decently and in Good Order: Resolving Conflicts When People Do Not Want To and one on context, Location, Location, Location: Ministry and Living in the 21st Century.  My responder was Craig Barnes.   

With 16 other contributors, the result is Insights from the Underside: An Intergenerational Conversation of Ministers, Broadmind Press.

– Rodger Nishioka, from the Foreword
This book you hold is about all of this: constancy and consistency, perseverance in ministry, managing to live faithfully even in the days of ordinary
time.  It is a collection of testimonies from those who are newer on the road of ministry with follow up thoughtful reflections from those who are farther down the road. It is invaluable in that it bears potent
witness to Christโ€™s call to persevere. For all of us, I believe we are called to constancy and perseverance as a means of grace in our own lives and in the lives of others and ultimately as a point of entry into the world so that holy vibrations are created that radiate far beyond the church. To be sure, perseverance is not easy. Perseverance is not always fun. But it is the journey to which we have been called.

So, if you do feel the itch to get this book, here are a few things to note:

  1. There will be no freaking book tour.
  2. I will sign my chapters, but only if you babysit my kids for a night.
  3. Please know that I am not getting any $$ out of this.  The only payment I get will be the razzing from my "friends" for my being in a book, and portion of the funds raised will go to the Theological Fund for Education.

You can Pre-Order on Amazon.

Let the razzing begin.

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