Everyone once in a while I am reminded how not progressive we are at MBCC.  Not talking specifics – gonna save it for sermon time – but there are certainly places where we fail to see beyond our own cultural comfort areas.  It would be one thing if we claimed to be a Conservative or Orthodox congregation.  I actually think we probably lean more Libertarian in some areas, but that is a different post as well.  I think for the most part, we are pretty consistent throughout our life as a church, that being one of the reasons people come back.   Still, sometimes we talk a good game, even believe we are forward thinking, but in some areas we just are not.  Lessons from these times when my own progressive brakes get slammed head first into a wall of “aaaack” are these . . .

  • I wonder what things I hold on to, consciously or or not, that defy my own self-awareness as a political, social and theological progressive.
  • I remember that no community is perfect and if there was not some area of tension it would not be authentic to human community.
  • I am reminded that defining what is “progressive” or “open” BIG TIME depends on one’s point of view.
  • I embrace my role as pastor of this complex gathering of folks and the need to discern the most effective way/s to meet the “needs” and “wants” of the community.

Have I gone and started something now?  I can see it now, “Bruce just called us a bunch of conservatives!”

Not that that is bad, just not MBCC.

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