"Flip"  has been used in many ways in talking about people from the Philippines* **.  In this case, however, I am talking about my newest tech toy, the Flip Video.  With Comp USA going out of business, I picked up this little gem a few weeks back for 25% off.  You simple shoot the video and plug it into your computer ready to upload to wherever. 

Yes, video is THAT easy. 

It comes in a 30 and 60 minute version and is about as big as fat deck of cards.  If you saw the video from my last post, it handles the job just fine!

* Also known as Pinoy/Pinay, Pilipino and Filipino over the years, for more info see the Urban Dictionary’s entry for Flip.
** No matter your take on the term, if you are not Filipino, you are not allowed the use the term, just FYI.

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