Over on my General Interest Blog, I have this bumper sticker proudly displayed, I have blogged about this issue before, do typso realyl mattrt? and I have even made it one of my goals over on 43Things.  And yet I fully own this is STILL something that needs be worked on.  And before you ask it . . . YES, I do re-read my posts.  I know that I have many God-given talents, but typing what I think in some coherent manner just ain’t one of em. 

My name is Bruce and I have a typo problem.

So, permission granted.  Please feel free to send me a friendly* note with any typos that you may have notices and I will do my best to correct them ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

* "Friendly" does not include any note that starts with any form of the question, "Are you an idiot?"  We all know the answer to that one already 😉

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