Updated reference post: Problems with a 2.0 moderator.

Not surprisingly I am getting a little push-back regarding my candidacy for moderator.  By tomorrow, I’ll have a post on the mod blog to address some of the particular issues but one thing is for sure, context really is everything.

While I expected that some folks would not be comfortable with the levels of Web 2.0 and technological interaction, I have been surprised by the tone and the implications.  Too fast, too public, too intentional.  These have been comments lobbed my way.  How funny that the very critiques are exactly the point of the 2.0 world.

The funny thing is that in some conversations especially at MBCC and in some other circles I am the technological plebeian of the bunch.   I can’t count the numbers of times I have not understood a word of  what is being said in a particular conversation regarding some kind of computer-techo-babel.

While I do love it most of the time, sometimes the gray can be frustrating.  Oh well, such is life.

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