This trip to the Kansas City area was weird.  Unlike my last trip and most that are coming up, I was based in one place and there was a good deal of down time.  I had significant time to be on my own, to take some time to rest and even sleep a full night.  Rough I know.

Still, the trip reminded me of a few things:

  1. I like hanging with my family.  I thought about all these place to go, but then realized that it would be more fun with the crew.  When I am back in SF, I hang at coffee shops to get outside of the rest of my life, but where the rest of my life is absent, it is just not the same.
  2. With more time does not come more efficiency.  Like I said, I had these blocks of time, didn’t really get anything done.  Yeah, I know one does not NEED to be efficient all the time, but it would be nice to know that I got a few things done with some of the extra time.  I am not on vacation for gosh sakes.  With me, I am either on vacation and or working.  Limbo, this was.
  3. Talking about life, faith, culture and church give me energy.  Some great people here in the Kansas City area.  I think I would like to come back when all that white stuff is gone, snow that is.  You can see more about the conversations here, Reflections from the Heartland.
  4. I totally want to come back here when it is not snowing and I can catch a Royals game.

In the mean time, here are the things I have Yelped about while here, because when all else fails, you can call for Yelp 😉

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