I heard someone recently talk about the MySpaceazation of Facebook when dealing with all the apps that are on some people’s profiles.  Now I am not one to talk, but really people, it should not look like the Application Elves puked all over my screen when I visit your profile. I am just saying.

So here are two things you can do . . .

View applications with "Clean Profile"
– This is a great application which allows you to do two things: one, it allows folks to view your profile without all the schwag that you have added AND, two, you can view other people’s profiles without all the schwag they have added.  This is particularly helpful when you can even find a person’s freaking Wall.  Grrrrrr.

Dealing with Application Invitations . . . Ever wonder why you keep getting invitations to the same darn application over and over again?  Well, it is probably because you keep ignoring them.  Go ahead and add away to stop the onslaught of app invitations.  Here is one way to handle these invitations other than flat our ignoring or blocking them.   If you REALLY don’t want to participate, but still want access, be sure to check/uncheck the correct boxes when you add the app.  When I get an app invitation, I usually check everything except the ones that will clutter up a profile.  The "Place a link in my left-hand navigation bar" is important to keep if you ever plan on using or adjusting the settings for this app.

Like so . . .

That’s all for now.  For those of you who really do like to add every app under the sun, please at last make your Wall – yes, the normal, original boring one – easily findable.  The Wall posts are central to the whole FB experience, so make it easy on us.

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