While there are certainly still some questions about that remain about the validity of a 2.0 Moderator, I think it is safe to say that the online buzz is increasing.  As of this weekend all four if us are now on Facebook.  After getting to know the other three candidates a little better this past weekend, I think it would be valuable to get connected and interact on such platforms as Facebook as whoever is elected will need to continue to find ways to engage with the larger church.

Friend away . . .

Carl Mazza [blog] [facebook]Roger Shoemaker [website] [facebook]Bill Teng [website] Bruce Reyes-Chow [other blog]

A couple more online places to visit . . .

  • And if it did not get even more out of the "norm", the Presbyterians for Renewal GA website – which is one of the best designed – just launched an online mock poll.  Not sure how long it will be open, but if you want to play along visit [www.ga2008.com] and vote on the right side bar. 
  • There is a variety of analysis going on about the upcoming GA so here are a few other links to keep up with some of the perspectives out there.  No endorsement of these groups other than they provide a way to get a glimpse of the variety of views and perspectives.
    • GA Junkie – Amazingly thorough recaps, updates and analysis.
    • JustPresbys – this is a collaborative site of six Presbyterian "Progressive" organizations: Voices of Sophia, That All May Freely Serve, The Witherspoon Society, More Light Presbyterians, The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, The
      Covenant Network of Presbyterians
    • PresbyBlog – Bob Davis offers analysis and opinion especially regarding the State Clerk election.
    • The Presbyterian Coalition – Basic GA info.

I think this is all incredibly exciting as we move into the final seven week of preparation.  If there are other resources that might be helpful to share, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll check them out.

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