East Coast** here we come!

After leaving a sick kid with my wife and now sitting here at SFO ready to hop on a red-eye to Louisville, that little voice inside whispers, "Why are you doing this again?"  Seriously.  Then I start thinking about the next few days and I get all giddy – yeah, I said giddy – thinking about what is in store for me.  On this trip I finally meet the other candidates, talk with some of the GAC folks, engage in some formal candidate forums, and generally get to be part of a discernment process for the whole church. 

What a privilege.
What an honor.
What an adventure!

Tomorrow, bright and early, I arrive in Louisville to attend the meeting of the General Assembly Council.  As a moderatorial candidate this is one of those unspoken – you really must go, but not really required – visits that helps folks at the GAC level get to know the candidates a little better.   This is also the place where many of our diverse denominational stake-holders gather to report on the going’s on of the GAC, so it behooves all candidates to be there.  My advisers basically said not going was NOT an option, so off to the the big "L" go.  I’ll spend some time with the other candidates on Wednesday at the meeting and then Thursday is a day without much planned.  Wild and free in Louisville – woohoo – so if anyone is free for coffee on the 24th, just let me know!

Because I LOVE 6:00am flights, I then leave on the 25th for the New Jersey circuit where there are a couple of all-candidates events.  We start at Bloomfield College in the afternoon and then Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church in the evening.  These events will be the first time we will see one another "in action" so I am sure we are all looking forward to engaging beyond the written word. 

After catching an early AM train to DC on the 26th, it is straight to New York Avenue Presbyterian Church for an afternoon candidate’s forum.

Four cities in five days sprinkled with some conversations and meals with friends, old and new, should prove this rapid-fire trip to be rewarding.  Hopefully, if you are near-by you will be able to make one or more of these events.

Again, what a privilege and honor!

** If you did not get the "East Coast Swing" reference or have lost touch with your MotownPhilly groove, it is just a little shout out to Boys II Men.

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