I had to sit down and have one of "those" conversations with Eldest yesterday.

Me, "Honey, I have some bad news."
Eldest, "Yes, dad?"
Me, "I lost our iPod."
Eldest, "Daaaaaaad?!?!?!

All-in-all she handled it pretty well.  She paid for half of the iPod so we will figure out how to make it up to her beyond the clothing, food, shelter and love we already provide on a daily basis 😉

But that is not the worst of it as the iPod was only part of a bonanza for someone who does not mind using the tech fruits from another’s labor.  I somehow, someway lost my "Man Bag" last week and it has not turned up.  I posted something on Craigslist and have retraced my steps through every cafe and dive that I have been hanging out in.  No dice.  And while there is always a chance a good samaritan will turn it in or it is simply buried under a pile of something in our house, I think my stuff is gone.

ipod 80, gone
digital camera, gone
flip video camera, gone
chrome bag, gone
bravado for never losing anything, destroyed

And while these are only possessions, I am feeling pretty sucky about the whole situation.  All that money, all that technology, all that fun.  Gone.


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