Rainy and Cold is not the way to win me over, not like Chicago is trying to win me over.  Still, so many folks LOVE this city and I have not spent a great deal of time here so hoping to discover the joy that is Chi-town.

After actually making my flight on American Airlines despite the day’s developments, I traveled a PACKED red-eye and landed about 5:20am. Cab ride good.  McCormick Theological Seminary Housing good.  Rain and Cold, bad. 

I had a few hours after my nap to grab lunch and get a little work done before meeting up with some friends.  I ventured out into Hyde Park with my first stop to buy an umbrella.  Pained me to buy a cheapy when I knew my uber-awesome one was at home pining to be used.

Lunch at this great little Greek diner, Solonica’s, and then off to seek a place to hang out.  I was a little surprised at the lack of coffee shops around here considering the number of institutions of higher education.  Passing one Starbucks, a local guided me to Third World Cafe where I have parked for most of the day. 

I have a few friends here that have graciously arrange some listening events as part of my moderator thang. Today I’ll be hanging out an event put on by the Asian American Discipleship for Vocational Empowerment, Nurture and Transformatin (AADVENT), meet up with some local church people at the ecumenical campus ministry Agape House and then get together with Nanette Sawyer of Wicker Park Grace.  Tomorrow I will speak at a  the Center for Asian American Ministries a program of McCormick Theological Seminary.  I’ll be talking about being a racial ethnic pastor serving a congregation that is not a traditionally racial ethnic community.  See Does Race Matter When Pastoring?

I will probably not have much free time on this trip, but if you have some places I might want to try and go to, please feel free to let me know and I try to make it on this or the next visit.

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