We are the parents of three wonderful girls.  We didn’t have three because we were trying for a boy.  The youngest was not an "oops."  We just wanted three.  Four won’t be happening, but three is good.

We certainly didn’t do it for the reasons that are postulated in the Washington Post article, Three Kids, You Show-Offs, sent to me by facebook friend, Richard.

"Are people having four or five children just because they can? Because
they feel that it shows their wealth and status? In a world where the
young rich use their $13,000 Birkin bags as diaper bags, one has to
wonder."  Molly Jong-Fast

We may be guilty of sometimes feeling superior to other people for a variety of reasons, but this ain’t one of them 😉  If anything we are going back to the old school realities that the more kids the better chance that we’ll be taken care of in our old age.  We tell the girls, only one needs to make money.  No pressure, they can choose which one, but someone must support dear old mom and dad in our golden years.

It is interesting about three.  Folks just assumed that when we announces, the Little One – as she calls herself these days – was not intentional.  One of my colleague joked with me after told a group of friends, "You do know how this happens, don’t you?"

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