[h/t: BJ Woodworth via Alan Hirsch]

While I think some of this needs to be flavored with the best of what it means to be Presbyterian, these are the kinds of folks that are out there, doing good ministry AND are Presbyterian.  While we may not use some of the same language, this quote gives a good idea of the culture of many who are yearning for a positive transformation of our denomination.

“The apostolic role within established churches and
denominations requires the reinterpreting the denomination’s
foundational values in the light of the demands of its mission today.
The ultimate goal of these apostolic leaders is to call the
denomination away from maintenance, back to mission. The apostolic
denominational leader needs to be a visionary, who can outlast
significant opposition from within the denominational structures and
can build alliances with those who desire change. Furthermore, the
strategy of the apostolic leader could involve, casting vision and
winning approval for a shift from maintenance to mission. In addition
the leader has to encourage signs of life within the existing
structures and raise up a new generation of leaders and churches from
the old. The apostolic denominational leader needs to ensure the new
generation is not “frozen out” by those who resist change. Finally,
such a leader must restructure the denominations institutions so that
they serve mission purposes.” – Steve Addison

As you read this, I wonder where you see yourself.  Are you one, do you think this is a crock, are you resistant to what this could mean for you, your church, etc.? 

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