As some of you know I have been in Pittsburgh the past few days as part of my Moderator adventure.  It has been a great joy hanging out with friends, seeing some sights and talking with people about their hopes for the future of the church.  I’ll do a longer recap on the other blog, but here are at least four reasons you should visit Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Project – All I can say is WOWZA!  What a gem and witness in the community.  The programs are too numerous to name: home repair, after school services, park renovation, and the Mosaic Church Community.  I was most impressed with the bold way in which they have simple done what needed to be done and just done it.  What a  powerful model and approach to ministry.

The Open Door – What a wonderful community.  While I was not able to be at MBCC this Sunday, it felt like home: sacred space, a casual feel and just a tad of snark.    BJ Woodworth and the crew are being and doing some good stuff there.  This Sunday was the monthly potluck and sharing of gifts.  There as a great dance of the liturgical variety – not a big fan, but this was AWESOME – as well as some moving readings and and music. 

Pirates Game – PNC park is a great baseball park.  Great seats, good food (see below) and the best part was the HUGE Pirates fan sitting right in front of us razzing the Atlanta outfielder and saying how loved one of the PNC attendants.  Second only to that were the Atalanta businessmen sitting in back of us trying to remember the words to Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper Delight . . . and then singing it.  Classic.

Primanti Brothers – Dude, seriously, I think I will be digesting that Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak for the next month.  A couple of thoughts about this full-on comfort food sandwich.  One, apparently according to Marnie, "It just tastes like Pittsburgh."  And, I think the memory of eating it is far more enjoyable that the actual sandwich.  I suspect that every time I get hungry, I’ll thinking, "Hmmmm Primanti would be good right now."  And THAT is what comfort food should be. 

And the best reason to visit the ‘Burg is to hang out with uber cool Marnie and Derrick Weston.  Thanks for the hospitality.  It was great fun!

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