Here is my latest monthly column for Asian Week.  This Month, Asian American Christians: Why we tend to be conservative.  Here are some snippets . . .

Most Asian American Christians are conservative. Ding, ding, ding —
generalization warning.  I know it is dangerous to make such blatant
statements, but, as one who has been engaged in the Asian American
Christian community over the past 20 years, I do think this is the

When there were protests here in San Francisco against same-sex
marriages a few years ago, there was a huge representation of mostly
Chinese American Christians.  Some people were surprised, while others
wondered what took them so long.

We could spend time arguing about definitions, generational trends,
or my blatant disregard for many liberal Asian American Christians, but
let’s not delude ourselves. If you were to visit random Asian American
churches in San Francisco or any other city, you would go far and few
between as you seek out those of a more progressive flavor.

Are Asian Americans more drawn to conservative Christianity?  Is
conservative Christianity seeking out Asian Americans?  Yes, and, well,
sort of.


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