It seems like only two months ago that I made my girls take a day-off from school and play around with dad.  As much for them as me, my "mental health days" will remind the girls that no matter how much I have been traveling or may travel in future, I can always make time to hang out and goof off a bit with the  offspring.  So . . . after Middle had a particularly difficult time getting up in the AM, I decided we would play.  Youngest was easy too convince, but Eldest had "too much going on at school" to hang out with dear old dad.  That’s cool . . . sniffle, sniffle.

I had meetings later that afternoon, so we couldn’t do a full-on day, so the two little ones and I headed to the SF Zoo to which we had not been in quite a while.  Some of you remember the tiger attack of last Christmas so it was a little eerie to walk around the area where all that took place.  I realize there is some controversy surrounding animals in captivity, but I just love zoos.  Hippos are awesome, giraffes are cool and meerkats, well, you know.

It was a good day.

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