With none really deserving of it’s own post, here are few random links, musings and other thoughts as offered up as I continue on this candidate for moderator adventure.

Listening to the church // As part of my hope to get to know the church more fully as we enter the General Assembly time, I will be hanging out with some friends next week in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.  There will be a mix of casual hang out time, some non-GA related conversations and some site seeing in these historic cities.   If you are interested, I wold love to find out more about about the church scene and folks’ hopes, dreams and struggles. My itinerary is as follows.

Saturday, May 10 – Pittsburgh Area
3:00pm // meet n’ greet The Vault Coffee and Tea Bar

Sunday, May 11 – Pittsburgh Area
11:00am // Mosaic Community Church
1:00pm // meet n’ greet place TBA
6:00pm // Open Door Faith Community
8:00pm // meet ‘n greet The Union Project

Monday, May 12 – Cleveland Area
3:00-6:00pm // A conversation on new church development sponsored by the Presbytery of the Western Reserve at Trinity Commons at Trinity Cathedral
9:00pm // Theology Pub sponsored by the Phoenix Project at Sullivan’s Irish Pub

Tuesday, May 13 – Cleveland Area
9:00-11:00am // meet n’ greet at Lakewood PC
1:00-3:00pm // meet n’ greet at Pioneer Memorial PC

May 14-16 – Louisville for GA Leadership Training

If you have any questions about the pre-Louisville events, you can contact [Kerri Peterson-Davis] for Cleveland and [Derrick Weston] for Pittsburgh.

Friend Away // With the announcement of Carl’s VM, all teams are complete.  This year with the 45 day pre-GA requirement to announce, it will be interesting to see if/how the VM candidates play into the process as a whole.  In any case, all four are on FB!

Peter DeVries, Roger Shoemaker’s VM
Tamara Letts, Bill Teng’s VM
Diane Givens Moffett, Carl’s VM
Byron Wade, Bruce Reyes-Chow’s VM

Podcasts //  Just finished my interview with the good folks over at Decently and In Order for their monthly podcast.  If you have not discovered them yet, you should check out their news aggregating website and listen to their podcasts.  They will be interviewing each of the four candidates over the next few weeks and publishing all four podcasts at the same time.  I think they are going to be published pretty much unedited, so I might be in a little trouble 😉  Should God have this moderator thing in my future, I will certainly need that "How to talk to press" training 😉

GA Committee Leadership // If you have been to GA you know that the committee leadership may just be the most important part of the GA process.  Committee leadership not only help to build community, but they help to set the overall tone of the week and generally ensure a grace-filled journey through the business of the GA.  Prayers for everyone are certainly needed, but a couple of extras tossed their way might be a good idea.  If you want to see the whole list of committee leadership check out the PNS story.

Twitter’ers // For those that have recently begun using Twitter, I would love to connect.  For those that have not started this micro-blogging format, but are interested in finding out more, here is How I Use Twitter and here is a good overview from Todd Hiestand.  [Follow me on Twitter]

MBCC on YouTube // One of the things that I LOVE about the church I serve is the freedom that exists to be creative.  Here is just one example of how we use technology and the arts in our services.  These are videos that our intern, Abby King Kaiser, has created this year. [CHECK THEM OUT]

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