Whew . . . finally flew in last night from my trips to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Louisville . . . and boy are may arms tired 😉

While my two etiquette-minded sisters would be aghast that I would not thank people via a traditional thank you card, this post will have to do for now.*  So thank you to those who have donated funds, time and energy to my moderatorial candidacy, AKA the non-campaign, campaign 😉  And if you are reading this as a supporter of Roger, Carl or Bill, thank you too for taking the time to engage in this adventure.

We are now just about five weeks away from the General Assembly and it seems like the excitement for everyone is building. I just returned from the General Assembly leadership briefing – where all the committee leadership get some GA orientation – and one can feel energy building around a great many issues and topics.  From the Form of Government Report to the Stated Clerk election to the two "Generative" committees, the excitement is building.

The four candidates, of course, think the most important item on the docket is the election of the moderator, so if you are going to be at GA, I am sure we would all appreciate your good words of support.  Not sure how the other folks are going to work their booth, but if you are interested in hanging out in my booth when I and/or Byron are not able to be there, please let me know.  We are looking for folks to "staff" the booth any time from Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening.  Heck, there may even be a free t-shirt, button or small woodland animal** in it for you.  Send me an eMail, [bruce at gmail dot com] and I’ll connect you with the person handling all the booth logistics.

In any case, please continue to pray for me, the other candidates, the General Assembly and our beloved denomination as we move towards what I hope to be a compelling time in the life of our church.

Have a great weekend!

*Due to the way we have set up the system with San Francisco Presbytery receiving the funds I do not have a list of names and addresses of all contributors.

** Just kidding about the small woodland animal reference.  No animals have been harmed in the course of this particular moderatorial candidacy.  And when I say "free" t-shirt, I mean "free" as in only if we have been able to pay for everything else 😉  And O yes, you are going to want one.

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