A few weeks ago, I was tagged by Doug over at Prog(ressive)Nostication as part of his Theological Elevator Pitch Challenge.  The rules are pretty simple:

Choose a theological concept and write an
elevator pitch for the concept. The elevator pitch should not be longer
than 50 words, and should be as short as possible if you go over the
50. It should express what you think is the core of a theological
concept, and be easily understandable by the average 8th grader.

on Gratitude in 47 words.

Every morning I wake up. 
I breathe. 
I remember that it is God who
gives me this life to live.
I thank God. 
I live in
the world as if this life gifted to my care matters to God.
I rest and do it all over again.

Not easy, but yet it should be.  Our faith is so simple and yet so complex.

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