In about 30 minutes I head to my daughters’ school and will join her fifth grade class for their annual camping trip.  Oh joy.  Three dads, three moms and two teachers will hang out with 20 kids that we have know or the past six years up at a camp ground in the woods of Northern California.  Now most of you know that I am not a big nature guy – some say I am not anti-nature, but pro-concrete – , but there was a time when camping and all that nature stuff was a bigger part of my life.  Each year our family used to take a week-long camping trip.  Now it was not sleep-in-a-snow-cave and hunt-for-your-own-food kind of camping, but it was camping nonetheless.  And while my allergies may not be looking for to the next few days and I am pretty sure there could not be a worse time for me to be totally unplugged – "NO COMPUTERS, DAD!" were her exact words – it will be fun to get away and just be Eldest’s dad for a while.  She is so excited about the trip and my attendance, it just warms my heart. The funniest thing is that the three Dad’s on the trip all have daughters, but we will be in charge of the boys.  Nice.

So farewell for three days.  Wish me luck 😉

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