Hard to believe that this time next week I’ll be wandering the halls of the San Jose Convention Center.  What an adventure is has been.  Thanks to all who have been a part of it: the other candidates, the GA staff, newcomers to the process, family, friends, antagonists and those who could care less.  The experiences and interactions have only reinforced the wonder I have for the complexity of God’s creation.

Here are a few random tidbits for your reading/experience pleasure as you enter this wonderful weekend:

Screenshot_2THE 700 Club:
No, that THAT 700 Club silly.  Sometime about 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 11 the Official Bruce Reyes-Chow for Moderator Group hit 700 members.

And while I am grateful for the fact that folks are willing to join the group and take on this kind of "Profile Bumper Sticker" that groups are, I am not sure the group in itself is all that important.  What IS important is what is symbolizes, the different ways people are willing to gather with some kind of common value.  Save the few folks that have no idea who I am but have never been invited to a group they didn’t join, I am assuming that my candidacy has touch a nerve, feeling, and/or yearning that compelled folks to join up and be counted.  THAT is exciting and humbling.

HERMENEUTICS QUIZ: As you get ready for General Assembly, maybe you should first find out where you stand on the Biblical interpretation spectrum by taking The Leadership Journal’s Hermeneutics Quiz.  I scored a 79 which makes me a hermeneutical "progressive."   Say that five times fast. If you take the quiz, feel free to leave your score here.  [h/t: Kruse Kronicle]

LIVE-BLOGGERS @ GA: I will be blogging and twittering my experience at GA, but I wonder who else will be.  If you will be blogging or twittering or any other kind of Web 2.0’ing in San Jose, feel free to leave a comment here with your blog url and/or twitter/plurk profile. [My Twitter] [My Plurk]
Thanks again for those who have continued to take part in this experiment.  Since last time, I have been "interviewed" by: Greg Bolt, Carol Howard Merritt, Robert Austell, Steve Salyards and Jim Bonewald.

MBCC LOOKY-LOO: If you happen to be in San Francisco the Sunday after General Assembly, you are invited to come and experience Mission Bay Community Church.  Proposed recipient of one of the 2008 Sam and Helen Walton Awards, this is also the place that they say I am the Pastor.  We start at 11:00’ish and serve a mean cup o’ joe.  I am slated to preach that Sunday, so after a week of General Assembly, I am going to be in great shape 😉 so experiencing that should be reason enough to show up.

Have a great weekend!

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