Greetings all,

I hope you are well . . . please forgive me if you are getting multiple
messages about this, but wanted to make sure I got in touch with
everyone who has offered to help with on-site GA logistics:

First, thank you for offering to be involved during the days before the
election at General Assembly.  This is the time when we are officially
allowed to campaign in a more traditional sense so the more folks
willing to advocate for me the better.

BOOTH TIME: Susan Ashton
I am extremely grateful to Susan Ashton, long-time GA groupie and the
current pastor at Ocean Avenue PC here in SF who will be handling the
booth scheduling for this years GA.  If you are a commissioner,
advisory delegate, friend, etc. you are welcome and allowed to be in
the booth.  If you are on GA, Synod or Presbytery staff, there may be other
restrictions on such activity, so you will have to clear that with
whomever.   While folks are welcome to hang out in the booth whenever,
we are trying to make sure there are some folks who can be there from
Thursday, June 19th through Saturday, June 21st.

to get on the booth schedule

  • Send an eMail to Susan Ashton [ashton.sf at gmail dot com] with the following info:
  • Name/s:
  • GA Capacity (friend, commissioner, mbcc, etc.):
  • eMail:
  • phone:
  • availability (Thursday-Saturday):

Abby is a student at The Pacific School of religion in Berkeley, under
care in the PC(USA) and has been an intern at our church over the past
year.  Uber-creative she is.  Abby is helping to design the GA
booth as well as all the campaign schwag: buttons, stickers and
t-shirts.  Abby may need some help setting up the booth on Thursday
afternoon, and tearing down Saturday evening.  Please let her know if
you can help with either.  She is also in charge of t-shirt orders.  If
you would like a t-shirt, please send your t-shirt size/s to Abigail
King Kaiser with your size.  We are using American Appeal shirts so
please visit their sizing charts:
[].  These are free to those
who work in the booth and will be low cost for those who just want one.

to order your T-shirt

  • Send an eMail to Abby King Kaiser [agkkaiser at gmail dot com] with the
    following info by the deadline: Midnight on Wedensday, June 4, 2008.  If we do not get
    a size we will just order a bunch of extras, so if you want it to fit
    just right, be sure to send in your order with the following info:
  • name/s:
  • eMail:
  • size/s: [sizing chart]:
  • cost: free to those working in the booth, $10 for others to cover the
    cost.  Checks made out to "Bruce Reyes-Chow" and mailed to 1278 Ocean
    Avenue, #203, SF CA 94112.  This is at cost and not part of the campaign
    spending so there is no tax-deduction on the shirts.

Leslie [leslie at veen dot com] is the parish associate at MBCC and is on
staff at SFTS.  As many of you know, once we hit the weekend, I will be
be going non-stop up until Saturday’s election.  This consists mostly
of visiting groups, talking with folks and generally getting as much
face-time with people as possible before the election.  Leslie will be
handling all of my on-site logistics and helping me to get from place
to place, so if you are invovled with a group at GA and would like the
moderator candidates to visit, please lets us know.  While each may not
accept, you will need to invite all four candidates.

Again . . . thank you all so much for the support that has been offered
in so many ways and please feel free to connect me with others that you
think might be supportive and willing to join in!


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