Being a Youth Advisory Delegate in 1990 (Salt Lake City) was one of the most exciting times in my spiritual life.  To see the Holy Spirit move over and through this group of people that had done nothing to deserve the Grace given, was nothing short of breathtaking.

Since then I have been a Youth Advisory Delegate Advisor at multiple General Assemblies (Louisville, Syracuse, Charlotte and Columbus).  The YAD training prepares the YAD’s for life at GA and I dare say they are more prepared for the politics and experience than many of the elected commissioners.

If your YAD has not found their way to the YAD Facebook Group be sure to direct them there so they can begin to connect with other YADS and the YAD Advisors.  This in an invite-only group so they will have to request membership.

218th General Assembly Youth Advisory Delegate FACEBOOK GROUP.

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