Over the past few months some of the best conversations that I have had about the Moderatorial Candidacy journey have been with folks who have been through this process before.  Some have been elected, others not, but there are quite a few common words of wisdom that have been passed along.

  • be yourself
  • be prepared to respond, but don’t have canned answers
  • be ready to NOT be elected
  • rest
  • pray
  • don’t be surprised when you can no longer sleep

I think someone should write a handbook on "Standing for Moderator in the PC(USA)" to help those who are just crazy enough to jump into the fray.  Not sure who will really read it, but . . .

Over the last few weeks I have felt the anxiety and weight of the journey start to enter my spirit in ways that have been both compelling and tiring.  I can’t tell you how eager and excited I am to start up in San Jose, but at the same time want to be well-rested and prepared.

So this afternoon the crew and I will pack our overnight bags and check into a local hotel – one with an indoor pool – and take some time to center, re-connect and re-energize as a family before they basically lose their dad for the next week.  I am going to bring all my prep materials for the opening speeches, the Q&A and other things, but the computer is staying home.

Chomping at the bit I am to get started, but a couple of days to refocus will, I hope, allow me to be more prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually for the exciting days ahead.  I can’t wait.

See you in San Jose!

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