First . . . I think there should be a contest for the most "Do you know the way to San Jose" jokes as well as the least.  If you have not seen the little diddy posted by quotidiangrace, check out her sugggested 2008 GA heme Song

Anyway . . . made it safely to San Jose and have attended a few meetings already.  There is something both warm and cozy as well as anxiety raising as I enter the General Assembly experience again, but it all good.  It is great to finally be here.  I feel pretty good about things, the opening speech is done and getting looked over by people more smarter than I 😉  If anything, I am feeling ready to start talking with folks about the church, future, etc.   As far as the logistics go, I am constantly amazing at how relatively smoothly things run.  Good peoples in the the Committee on Local Arrangements and the Office of General Assembly.   I checked out the main gathering space and good-golly it is big.  3,000 people on one floor is a whole bunch of chairs.  The Presbyterians have arrived!

I am most excited right now about the booth that has been set up.  Abby King Kaiser has done a kick-a job of capturing so much of what the church should be about.  One of the most intriguing things about the booth – besides the candy, schwag and t-shirts – is this painting that she did.  Her plan is for all of us to write – yes we will all be writing on this painting – our vision of the church.  It should be pretty awesome when it is all done.

I am not sure how much I’ll blog in the next few days, but there you have the first 4 hours!  If you are at GA, please be sure to stop by the booth!

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