In order to avoid getting into some of the mundane Monday tasks, here are three quick links that greeted me the morning.

  1. I love when people I know in person get some visibility for good work and creativity.  Imagine my surprise to open the paper this AM – yes, I still like reading and actually hand-held paper – to see fellow parent Mark Decena of Kontent Films, featured in the article Directors Make Ads to Engage, Entertain.  Mark made the film Dopamine a few years back and is in the process of releasing the mockumentary, Unflinching Triumph.
  2. For those of you who have any connection to the Emergent Village, they are asking for some input about the future of the organization.  Honestly struggling with the future of a postmodern movement that seeks some kind of sustainability, kudos for asking for some input.  It is three questions, so head on over and [TAKE THE SHORT SURVEY].
  3. If you need a little hip-hop this AM – and who doesn’t? – take a look at this one from Eldest and Middle’s dance recital.  Middle in the one on the left with the hat and gloves.  About a minutes in she has a little solo and the crazy lady screaming through the whole thing is my mom.

Have a great Monday!

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