First, I CANNOT believe that my cousin blogged about his before me.  Darn iPhone 😉 

In any case, Eldest just got done with the end-of-the-year musical from her after school arts program.  Each year they write an original musical and each year the graduating 5th grader’s are the "stars."  This year, Eldest’s class – with an unusually high number of alpha girls – had their turn.  And while there are usually 4-6 5th graders in the production, this year 14 for a grand total of 84 k-5 kidz in the show, "Outer Orbit."  As usual, it was far beyond anything we could have imagined.  Ever parent in the place cried as we saw our babies come alive on stage.  It is particularly moving as we have known these 5th graders since they were week kindles.  Eldst played, "lily" the goth girl and boy did she love getting all gothed out.  Middle was also in the play and you can tell she is bucking for a bigger role next year and is already eyeing the 5th grade 😉  Above are just a couple of pics, you can see more [here].

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