The dust has settled a little and at 2:15am, I am fulled with thankfulness for such a wonderful night.  If you didn’t here – and not sure why you would be reading this if you didn’t – but this evening the 218th General Assembly went and done elected me moderator.  Who’da thunk it?  I am over whelmed by the number of well wished extended, blogs posts, twitter messages etc. that have already been generated.  Presbyterian 2.0 has been seriously unleashed.

I’ll try to do a little more reflection later – and after I get with the GA folks to talk about the whole blogging thing – but until then, take a read of these few posts just hours old.

The funiest part was reading back through the twitter conversations.  Quite a hoot.  Thanks again for all the support and well wishes.  Me think now the works begins!

Oh . . . and sorry if I do not respond to every facebook posting!

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