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Let me just tell you, I am just loving the interactions that I have been having as of late.  With my invitation to sit down for a 10 minute virtual interview I have been engaged with some friends, new folks and a youth group. Thanks to Adam Copeland, Bill Hayes, Mark Smith and the FPC Bend Youth Group for taking the time to post my responses.  Three more are in the pipeline so be sure to check on the “10 Minutes w/BRC” list on the right hand sidebar.

And while each had lighter questions, here is one response to the Band Youth Group list that will either convince you of my cultural brilliance, love of the schmaltzy or utter lack of taste 😉  I am thinking it will be the latter.

What are your top five favorite movies? Why?
  • Hotel Rwanda – Because this is one story that defines one’s capacity to live what one believes;
  • Titanic – Because at my heart, I am a drippy romantic;
  • Keeping the Faith – Because every minister wants to be THAT cool;
  • Casablanca – Because Bogie was just cool and I dare anyone not to crush on Ingrid;
  • Napoleon Dynamite – because it is one of those quotable movies that just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it;
  • Honorable Mention – The Great Debaters, Mad Hot Ballroom and Shark Water because true stories compel us to believe.

Here is another response that I though was worth sharing.  Longtime Presbyterian presence, Houston Hodges posed this question on the Bruce Reyes-Chow for Moderator Facebook Group.

There seems to be a trend toward congregationalism and away from denominational interest and support; should we try to change that, and if so, how?

My Response . . .

Houston – Yeah, I think this is not just a denominational issue, but a global one.  With the world “flattening” the perceived need for the “middle men” is seen as a waste of energy . . . at least in current configurations.  I think what this means is that denominations must discern what it is about their very existence that is vital and then figure out compelling ways to tell the story in order to remind and convince folks that this is true and needed.  While I am not about being post-denominational, I am about being open to the fact that denominations will and must look different in the future.  My candidacy – I HOPE – will hold up some of what is foundational from our heritage while leaving space for the innovation that is to come.  Thanks for the question!

Thanks to everyone who is diving into the process and the discourse.  Good stuff all!

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