A few of us were talking/teasing the other night about writing a book.  I mean isn’t that natural next step for one who is claiming to have something to say to some group of people about something significant?  The whole book thing has always twisted my insides a bit because it is too easy to fall into some traps and just become that which would bring out the worst in me: a huge freaking ego and getting my worth by what I produce.  Yes, some people should be writing because that is their calling life and they have been gifted with the words, spirit and motivation.  But, come on people, lets be honest, some of the stuff that is getting published these days is just bad and self-indulgent.  Not EVERY pastor/Jesus-follower/rebel is a good writer.  Just as some writers are not all that engaging or impressive in person, some of the most personable, pastoral and thought-proving people do not good writers make.

And while I will never say never, here are the top three reason that there will be no book tour any time soon.

  • Lack of motivation // I can’t imagine sitting and writing so many of those word things in a row.  Um, blogger.
  • Lack of skill // While I love blogging, I am under no delusions that I write well.  I think I ask good questions, am genuine and share openly, but on it’s own, my writing is adequate at best.  And the typos, those ungodly typos!!!!
  • Lack of imagination // Seriously people, while I enjoy "liberating" current trends and translating them to particular contexts, this is hardly creative or original.

I will say that a book could come about if I could simply run off my blog posts and take them to Kinko’s to be copied and bound or the above mentioned ghost-writing hipster cousin walked into my life.  Now that would be the writer’s life 😉

[image: Abby]
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