You have questions?
I have answers thoughtful musings 😉

I am blatantly "liberating" this interview idea from blog-friend Rohit Barhgava.  Rohit used this Interview idea to help get the word out about his new book so I thought that this would be a very cool thing to do for my own moderator journey for two reasons: one, it is one way to engage folks in the General Assembly experience through their interaction with a moderatorial candidate and, two, I may hear about issues, passions and musings that I had not previously thought about.

If you would like to participate, here is what you need to do:

  • send three to five interview-style questions to breyeschow [at] gmail [dot] com and/or post them on your blog and send me a link;
  • tell me if you would like a response in written or audio form;
  • publish my unedited response on your blog or website within five days including a link back to this post;

What I will do:

  • respond within 5 days of your submissions;
  • answer each question directly w/o cut-n-paste responses;
  • I will add your interview to the "Interviews" sidebar and link back to your interview where/when appropriate

A few rules:

  • Please no leading questions if you can help it: eg. "When did you STOP being a jerk?" so "When will you stop confusing us with all those darn typos?"  "Why are you misguided about [insert issue here]?"
  • Okay . . . that’s really the only rule 😉

I think that is it.  You can always drop me an eMail if you have questions.

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