Yes, I am taking one more step deeper into the cult that is Mac.  If all goes well with some phone account gymnastics, there is a pretty good chance that in the next few days I will be in possession of a new 3G iPhone.  I know that there are some image/status issues going on here, so sue me, I like my mac and have fully gone over to the Jobs darkside.   I will not bore you with my justifications, it is what it is.  Google and Mac kinda own my organizational life.

The thing that makes me really nervous about the whole iPhone thing is that I have never really been a "phone guy" before.  I text some, but for the most part all of my online interaction has been via my lap top.  I wonder if I will be online more now and via what interface.  I so do like my MacBook Pro, so we’ll see how fast I make the transition to using my phone more often.  Whereas before I could simply close my computer and exit bloglandia, now I will have to be even more disciplined about not interacting every single dingle second of the day.  Yeah, good luck with that.

But on we go.  So to help me get off on the right foot, I turn to those of you who have already learned the art of the iPhone.  Please feel free to offer your insights:

  • What apps should I download?
  • What usage or software advice do you have for using the iPhone most productively?
  • What accessories, gadgets or add-ons have you found useful?
  • Anything else you wish you knew when you first got yours?

I have a friend who blogged about the experience of his wife getting her iPhone, The iPhone 3G experience, so if you have other links and or stories to share, please do.

Thanks in advance my geekyfantastic friends!

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