I have been meaning to blog some more here but alas twas not to be this week.  So, here are a few posts and things that you might be interested in if you have some clicks left in ya before the weekend.

ONE: Mark needs some feedback on his Bible Study on Blogs.

TWO: Abbykk leaves tomorrow for a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic.

THREE: DJ needs help making an iPhone decision.

FOUR: My spouse has caved under the pressure and is now accepting FB friends, but unlike her husband who has zero friend discernment – sorry –  she will only only accept you if she really knows you . . . but feel free to try 😉

FIVE: Dr. Mark Roberts is having an interesting discussion about the future of the PC(USA) –  Can we, Can We All Get Along? – and while we may land in different places on some theological issues, he is doing a great job at framing the issues and conversation.

SIX: I may have one of these by next week.  Oooo ahhhh.

SEVEN: I have a bunch of movie reviews that I want to write: Shanghai Kiss, Unflinching Triumph, 27 Dresses, Hellboy II, P.S. I Love You and TITANIC, yeah you heard right, "I am king of the world!!!!!!!"  "

EIGHT: American Born Chinese pastor has been posting some great posts on pastoral leadership and authenticity.  Check out Being Ourselves and Should I Stay or Should I Go?

NINE: My mom is not my wife.  Good Golly.

TEN: Oh no he didn’t.

Sorry about that last one.  Couldn’t resist doing this.

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