Yesterday Eldest and I hung out a bit at the cafe before she had to go to summer camp.  As we sat there, she with her grow-up sized peppermint hot chocolate and reading the paper, I had one of those "Our baby is growing up, and I don’t like it!"  moments.  It took all my will power not to tear up and break into my own rendition of Butterfly Kisses 😉   She really is growing up into such a wonderful young lady.  As these moments are bound to happen more and more, I am reminded that God walks with us into the world with the hopes that we make faithful choices, always remember God, respond to grace with gratitude and ultimately grow into every intention that God has for us.  And as I fight the urge to freeze in time each of my baby girls, I too am reminded that we too must have the same hopes for our own children.  And in the end, we, in many ways, must learn to let them go.

And as we wallow in our own struggles to let her and her sisters grow into who God hopes them to become, I remember that in the letting go it is not about my own difficulties with watching my children grow up, but it is about how we always, always, always, must encourage them to remember who’s they are over and above our own needs to keep them bound by our own expectation and hopes. 

They are God’s and God will never let them go.

Thanks be to God.

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