In another life . . . well okay, only about two months ago I was a columnist for Asian Week Magazine musing on all things Asian American and spiritual/religious.  After a whopping two columns under my belt – where does that saying come from anyway? – I had to give it up in order to be a better moderator 😉  In any case the latest person to take on this task is David Park, who some of you know as the main blogger behind, Next Gener.Asian.

His first column is Asian Americans and the Necessity of Faith.  Here is just a taste:

Religion and spirituality are personally good things, but in politics
and real life, they seem to be what economists call inefficiencies. And
we’re too pragmatic to tolerate these persistent inefficiencies, aren’t
we? We value stoicism and precision. Religion, while perhaps not the
opiate that Marx considered, can simply be dismissed as impractical for
many of us. We were raised on criticism and discipline (arguably, a
religion of a different sort), which leads to the question: What place
does something so impractical as faith have in Asian American life?

Dude.  You are so much better than that yahoo they had before.  Great job David!  Please go on over to the original post and be part of the conversation.

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