For some of you this whole "blogging" thing is kind of new and I am glad you have taken the time to hang out here a bit.  While there are certainly nuances about blogging and the blogging world, one of the basics purposes of the blog is that it helps folks to get to know the writer/s of the blog.  Through a variety of interactions instigated by the blogger’s post, the hope is that conversations are had, relationships are built and all who are engaged grow in some way.

Bloggers that I like to read give both snippets of their life and personality as well as more in-depth sharing on a particular subject.  That is why on this blog you will get both random happenings and thoughts as well as more in depth reflections on particular issues.

Because tomorrow Linda, Gradye and I will be releasing the follow-up to our first GA Church Wide Letter, I thought today’s Moderator Monday would include a few smaller things.  Feel free to comment as the Spirit moves ya.

Here are FIVE random musings for your reading pleasure:

  • CAMP MEMORIES // This past weekend we picked up our eldest child from yet another great week of summer church camp at Westminster Woods.  As we strolled thought the throng of parents waiting to pick up their child, I could not help but to think back to the wonderful and formative experiences I had growing up going to camp.  As I thought back and began to mentally list all the places that I was fortunate to be a part as a youth – Zephyr Point, Camp Cazadero, Valley of the Moon, Mo Ranch –  I couldn’t help but give thanks for God’s amazing presence through the many ministries of our denominations camps and conferences programs.  From events run by the General Assembly to small youth groups banding together to hold summer camps, my life and faith have been greatly touched by the opportunities to step out of our day-to-day life settings, gather with folks to talk about life and faith and generally take a finite amount of time to recharge for the lifelong journey.  It is a privilege and joy to now see my own children begin to experience the same type of ministry.  What have been your camps and conference memories?
  • BLOGGERS // I know this is somewhat dangerous, but here are some of the PC(USA) bloggers that I have been reading as of late.   I know that you all may disagree with some of them, but  if we can’t at least listen and try to understand where the other is coming from, we are done.  These are just some that I have been reading because of writing style, topics broached, perspective offered, etc. Carol Howard Merrit, Toby Brown, Steve Salyards, and Presbymergent.  Be sure to read through some of the comments strings as that is where the good stuff is 😉
  • TRAVELS // We are still getting the whole travel thing in line for the next two years.  Thanks for all the invitations.  We will continue to schedule thing out as they appropriate, but it never hurts to get your requests in early.  For info, read the post, Mod or Vice Mod Visit 411.  As far as upcoming travel, tomorrow I head to the Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference in Southern CA and then to Louisville for a week of orientation at The Presbyterian Center.  August has me at the Presbyterian Global Fellowship event in Long Beach, an annual study leave event at Asilomar, CA and a tentative trip to DC for a meeting. If you want to keep up with my travels we have tentatively set up a Google Calendar or join me over on Dopplr.
  • VM RECEPTION // The good folks in New Hope Presbytery are hosting a reception for Vice Moderator, Byron Wade, this Saturday, July 19, 3:00-5:00 at Davie Street Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC where Byron serves as pastor.  If you are in the area, swing on by. [FACEBOOK EVENT INVITE]
  • HOW ARE YOU FOUND? // One of the ways that many people find the church I serve is through one of the most popular online review sites in San Francisco,  Through the reviews of MBCC, folks get some idea of what we are like even before attending a service.  Now every context will be different, but what we have done is to go to where people are naturally searching for advice and recommendations about other parts of their life.  As you think about folks finding your community, where do they go to find you?  Where do they go to find advice on other "services"?  Have you met them there?  Why? Why not? How?

Okay enough random things for one post.  Please feel free to comment on anything and I am sure someone else will comment on your comment, and so on and so on an so on.  Also, if you feel like there is something that required more than a few lines of response, please blog it on your blog and send me a trackback and or the link. 

Thanks for hanging out and check back tomorrow for the latest Church Wide letter.

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