Just landed this morning in Montreat after a red-eye flight via Charlotte to try and catch the tail end of PFR’s Christian Life conference and then hang out with the good folks at the Church Unbound event.  In just a few hours I have had many a "that’ll blog" moments to this week look like it will be great fun.  I didn’t make it in time to give official greetings to the PFR event, but was able to share in the last half of worship and prayer and then hang out with a friend and his family a bit afterwards.

A few tidbits so far . . .

Montreat Conference Center really is a great place:  Far from a Montreat "groupie" there are some really good folks here striving to create a place where ministry can be discovered and nurtured.  The breadth of events that are held here and the integrity that is lived is admirable.  Sure, there could be more diversity and there is cultural history that will always be part of their story, but as a West Coast Asian American who really does not like "the nature" all that much, if I can find a little piece of heaven here . . . well.  Plus the 4th of July parade must not be missed.

New Presbyterian Heritage Center:  I was pretty much kidnapped by a very enthusiastic PHC supporter and given the grand tour of this new facility.  I had not been in that building in a while and it is quite interesting.  Right now that have an exhibit celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Presbyterian introduction into Korea.  There were some great artifacts including some wonderful communion tokens, an actual paper with a letter from George Washinton the General Assembly and a grea collection of wood sculptures by Rev. John Mack Walker.  Take some time to explore their website when you get a chance.

Friends are Friends Forever: Everywhere I have turned there have been friends wishing me well post-GA.  These connections both old and new have remnded me again of the importance of nurturing our relationships.  I really do think every interaction either helps to build up trust or break it down and I caount myself blessed by these folks.  You just never know where life may take you so I am reminded that an interaction one day may have ramifications on life 10 years down the road.  Tending and treating our interactions with care are vital if we as a church are truly going to be community locally and denominationally.

I hope to blog more this week on this, my first foray out into the denomination, as el moderator, so if my wireless connects behaves, I’ll drop some more info as the Unbound event unwinds.  Should be interesting.

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