Grrrrrrr.  I hate when I am so blatantly reminded of my transgressions.

My confession is this. Not once during General Assembly did I thank or acknowledge Roger, Carl or Bill for answering their calls to stand for Moderator. My mother raised me better than that.  Not good, and I am profoundly sorry.

While there were certainly some unspoken GA "club rules" and traditions that I may have intentionally or unintentionally bucked, this was NOT one of them.  So many reasons could be offered for this slight: being overwhelmed, arrogance, forgetfulnesses, etc., but none of which justified forgetting to thank these three men for what had been a draining previous six months.  Regardless of where we stand on issues, our styles, whatever, they deserved to be recognized for their diligence, their ministry and their commitment to serving Christ in the PC(USA) and the world.

So better late than never. 

Roger – Thank you for bringing your directness during the discourse.  No one could ever doubt you for putting it all out there and saying what you thought.

Bill – Thank you for your demeanor and depth of thought.  Many people felt that your calm sense was an asset to the conversation.

Carl – Thank you for your compassion.  The passion with with you challenged all of us to see Jesus in front of us will stay with me forever.

After spending six months in relationship with these folks, I know that none would ever expect a public confession.  I have offered a personally apology privately to Bill, Carl and Roger.  Still, I offer this confession to the community for when I do not treat people with grace and respect that sin is between me and my God, so my confession is lifted to God and I trust the brokenness is healed through Christ.

This will not be the last time I mess up, but will strive not to make it a habit.

Thanks be to God.

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