I have been feeling a little overwhelmed a little and my blogging over here has lapsed.  I know that most bloggers put more pressure on themselves to blog than readers usually do, but I miss the discipline and practice of it.  Life has been filled with some great things as of late.   Nothing too amazing but some of the blog worthy activities have been: I have been trying to engage in a few more physical activities – post on pars, pedals and pain – grieving the death of my motorcycle – for sale post coming soon – and been engaged in the manic daily routine this week of chauffeuring my three girls (+friend) to three different summer day camps in three different locations – post on the the joys of crazy.  I must say, the most fun I have had is getting use to my new iPhone.  So in lieu of a real post, here are a few pics that tell some kind of story of the past week or so.  Enjoy.

The "Babies" of the family hung out for a few days of bonding.  The one in the car seat is our youngest and the tall strapping ultimate fighter dude is my youngest brother.

My new office in Louisville, KY at the Presbyterian Center.  This is the first real office that I have had in years.  I do believe that more than one person can fit in here without using up all the oxygen.  Moving up I am 😉  Things of note.  PC pushed to the side to make room for the MacBook, white board and matching  chairs around a faux-wood conference table.  What you do NOT see is the VCR/TV combo in the corner.  Nice.

The Galt House Hotel in Louisville where almost 20 years ago, Robin and I met.  I am told the red velvet brothel-esque decor has been replaced with a more tasteful look.  Is nothing sacred?

Pile o’ ladies in the house o’ crazy.

Apparently the water fountains at this middle school have been breaking out at night.  While I am fully committed to raising my children in The City, this is sad, just sad.  For the love of God people, leave the poor plumbing alone!

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